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Thin Client Use Case Guide

Office & Computers

A guide describing the thin client solutions and use cases for using thin clients in different environments. No matter the industry or the size of an organization, thin client solutions are playing a role to meet the needs of IT and businesses. In this guide we illustrate how thin client solutions and how virtual desktops are benefiting small businesses to large enterprises throughout different industries.

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Cloud Computing for Small Business

Whitepaper based on cloud computing for small businesses

Cloud computing provides a myriad of advantages for small business owners, but peace of mind ranks at the top of the list. With the physical and financial demands of running a small business, cloud computing remains a valuable tool for streamlining operations and maximizing potential output. Learn how small businesses are using cloud computing in their operations.

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Desktop Virtualization Gaining Ground in the Financial Sector

Whitepaper on Desktop Virtualization for the financial sectors

With the popularity of virtual desktops rapidly increasing, the extent of these benefits will only continue to entice companies to integrate the solution into their own established business models. With the financial sector operating on a constant, global scale, the demand for effective, cost efficient business solutions has become a priority across the industry. Learn how:

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Learning in the Cloud: How Virtualization Is Revolutionizing K-12 Education

Whitepaper based on learning in the cloud

Nearly 10 years ago, technology in the classroom was still considered a luxury. Today, it’s an essential tool to learning. It’s no longer about providing the bare minimum, but discovering the most innovative ways to improve education through these vast and diverse technological resources. See how virtualization is revolutionizing the classroom:

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