Benefits of Using Thin Clients

There are many thin client benefits for different enterprises and their IT infrastructure. IT departments are migrating to unique platforms to centralize business through today’s virtual desktop technologies.

1) Cost Savings

Thin Clients Reduce Multiple Costs:

  • IT support costs
  • Upfront purchasing costs
  • Capital costs
  • Use of space in data center
  • Licensing costs
  • Total administration and operating cost reduction up to 70%

Reduces Energy Bill by 97% [, Information Technology Group]

  • Thin clients consume an average of 8-20 watts compared to a 150 watt PC
  • This reduces carbon footprint
  • Cost savings from electricity can be reinvested

2) Simplified Management

The Benefits of Thin Client Management are:

  • All software and hardware upgrades, security policies, application changes, etc. can be made in the data center
  • IT personnel are not required (as they are with PCs) to fix individual problems at the end user desktop location
  • Less downtime, increasing productivity amongst End Users and IT personnel
  • Centralized and simplified back up of desktops, laptops, and other client access devices

3) Enhanced Security

The Benefits of Thin Client Security Include:

  • Thin clients are protected from the use of unauthorized software or the introduction of viruses
  • Data cannot be copied to a disk or saved to any other location than the server
  • Centralized processing makes it easy to manage and monitor the system
  • Simplify security, protect intellectual property, ensure data privacy

4) Increased Productivity

Systems can be Virtually Preconfigured, Packaged and Put into Operation in Minutes

  • Quickens setup and enables flexibility, without needing a specialist staff
  • Productivity can increase, while standard PCs have long repair times that cause delays and higher costs
  • Access the same apps and data from virtually anywhere

By creating a dynamic and flexible IT environment with thin clients, IT departments worldwide are simplifying their IT infrastructures.

Thin Clients can be a valuable technology platform and solves several business problems. They increase device usage flexibility since the user can access their virtual desktop from their home PC, tablet, or Smartphone creating a more secure platform.