Industries Served

Devon IT has thousands of thin client customers worldwide in a variety of industries. We serve customers in the healthcare, education, government, financial services, manufacturing, and other “thin client industries.” No matter your industry or the size of your organization, thin client solutions are playing a role to meet the needs of IT and businesses.

From call centers that share services and desktops to healthcare personnel on the go to power users in financial services and animation, the flexibility, manageability, and cost benefits of thin clients  make switching from PCs a smart choice.

Corporate – From SMB to Large Enterprises

Serving Small to Enterprise Businesses

IT looks towards thin client solutions to – lower costs, centralize management, create a secure infrastructure, and decrease energy and space concerns with a reduction in power and cooling needs. Users get the same experience as a PC and IT administrators can easily manage and troubleshoot desktop users.


Serving the Education Field

In today’s ever changing technological reliant world, IT administrators are looking to provide students with technology at their finger tips to create a dynamic learning environment. With tight budget restraints amongst school systems leaves IT administrators to search for effective and cost conscience technology solutions.


Serving the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is an ever growing and advancing field. Institutes all over the world have been expanding into the thin client market greatly in the past decade, for the benefits they gain from thin client solutions and virtual desktop computing.