Why VDI is now the Cloud Computing Number 1 App

Cloud Computing Definition – Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information are provided to computers and other devices on-demand, like electricity. 

VDI Definition – VMware describes Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) as “delivering desktops from the data center”.

In other words, VDI is where enterprise desktop computers are virtualized, moved to the data center, then presented over the LAN or WAN to the end users. Once VDI is used, typically the end user devices are replaced with thin-client devices.

Why do I think VDI is the number one Cloud APP?  Its simple, it fits the definition and it is being rapidly deployed around the world.  Most importantly, it works and It works in public and private clouds.  We see some of the world’s leading banks and other financial institutions are using a VDI infrastructure to replace hundreds of thousands of desktops.  This is being done for a wide array of reasons including, manageability, security, economics and green initiatives.  But most importantly, the business imperative for Cloud Computing makes imminent sense from an IT, finaincial and user perspective.  There is not one vertical market segment that cannot realize the immediate benefits of a VDI architecture, healthcare (provider and payer), education (secondary and higher ed), financial, manufacturing, government.

As more business look to cloud-based computing and VDI they will see that not only are other businesses in their industry adopting this approach but that the world largest IT companies are continuing to offer advances in the way clusds are accessed.  The traction is on the user side and also the supply side with Microsoft and RemoteFX, Citirx and XenApp and of course VMware and VMware View as well as other technologies.

As the landscape changes and the, “cloud” expands, it is essential that businesses think strategically about cloud computing and VDI to enable their workers to get the resources they need to efficiently do their jobs, while also meeting IT requirements.

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