Try VDI with the VDI Blaster

I often wonder if people reading about the latest VDI solutions and enhancement are trying VDI in their environments.  I know many companies and institutions are now moving to VDI deployments  but I also know, based on the questions we receive from potential customers, that there remains a great deal of confusion about VDI.  There are two great and inexpensive ways to find out more about VDI and, more important, how VDI might fit in your existing environment.

First, it is very important to test VDI solutions.  Devon IT offers a great way to do this with our VDI Blaster Software.  We developed VDI to be a simple, cost effective way to re-purpose PCs into thin clients.  However, it has evolved into much more than that.  One of the ways our customers are using VDI Blaster is as a test platform for VDI and virtual desktop computing.  This way you can test scalability, manageability, latency network issues, and application compatibility.  Finally, you can test whether PC re-purposing is a viable strategy for you.  VDI Blaster can maintain your Windows OS while running VDI Blaster in a seprarte partition.  This is a very easy and basic way of testing comparative performance.  Using VDI Blaster along with our Echo management platform can help you understand, in your own environment, how VDI will work.  And you can test VDI without breaking the bank.

The other way is to read and research VDI through current publications and on the net.  Once great starting point (which we have already mentioned and continue to give away to customers) is a short book by Michael Fox called DeMystifying the Virtual Desktop: Starting with Desktop Virtualization.  There are plenty of great articles, blogs, research reports and technical books available but this one is a great starting point.

It’s time to blast off to a new VDI world!

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