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If There’s One Thing That is a Constant in an Ever Shrinking World, It’s the Need to Think Globally.

Gone are the days of centralized businesses with a static workforce and a few branch offices:

Today, remote employees are a crucial aspect to any number of industries.  To keep up with a market where competitors are operating on a global scale, 24/7, it’s increasingly important for companies to utilize the proper tools to ensure their remote workforce is well equipped to perform their duties.

Remote workstations are nothing new at this point, and they serve a vital role in allowing businesses to employ people who may be required to work outside of the typical office setting.  Additionally, they provide a transient workforce access to their personal desktops and workloads from wherever they may find themselves without necessarily relying on a singular device, such as a laptop.  However, as technology moves forward, so too does the requirement for powerful capabilities accessible through these remote workstations.  The latest development in this constantly evolving field is the HDX 3D technology from Citrix Systems.

Citrix HDX has been a reliable and powerful tool for several years now, enabling those who depend on VDI and remote workstations to handle the intense requirements placed upon this technology as it continues to expand.  HDX 3D is the next step in that technology and is poised to provide even more capabilities to those who need to empower their users even further.

In the past, complex 3D requirements were a burden on a remote workforce, if not outright impossible.  Resource intensive applications reliant on a software-based method of GPU sharing is often a hurdle to remote workers, and Citrix is looking to solve that problem by supporting direct hardware GPU acceleration, increasing functionality and reducing bandwidth needs.  Along with XenApp and XenDesktop, HDX 3D will allow for users to use DirectX and OpenGL based graphics through their virtual workstation or VM-hosted application.

This technology is being leveraged into the Design Engineer Virtual Workstation initiative, a Citrix lead plan to provide a global virtualized workforce with the most cutting-edge tools on the market.  Expanding the potential of virtualization is something that anyone interested in VDI can appreciate, so this development by Citrix is definitely a noteworthy one.  There’s a lot of history in VDI, marked at times by both leaps in innovation as well as a knack for constant improvement.  Here at Devon IT, we’re excited to be working with an industry leader like Citrix Systems on initiatives that drive the market, and we are greatly looking forward to helping our customers realize the benefits.

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