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Press Release IndicatorLenovo Launches All New ThinkCentre M600 Thin Client with Devon IT Software


The New ThinkCentre® M600 is now available and comes embedded with LeTOS or WES operating system and fully managed by LTM Devon IT, Inc., a leading provider of thin client and virtual desktop software, today announced the newly released Lenovo® ThinkCentre® M600 thin client is available. The M600 thin client comes embedded with a choice of either LeTOS a Linux based…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorKey Differences Between Desktop Virtualization and Server Virtualization


With the popularity of desktop virtualization expanding, people have been confusing its functionality with server virtualization. While the two share some of the same features, they serve different functions. Desktop virtualization and server virtualization both enhance security, save costs (when used efficiently), and are centrally controlled.  Knowing the major differences between the two can help a company figure out which…   Read More →

Press Release IndicatorDevon IT Offers HP Thin Client Customers Easy Conversion and Full Manageability to New DeTOS Thin Clients

Devon IT, Inc., a leading thin client and virtual desktop solutions provider, today announced its award-winning DeTOS operating system and Echo thin client management platform are available for HP thin client conversion. Devon IT now enables any HP t610 or HP t410 thin client to utilize the award winning Devon Terminal Operating System (DeTOS) and manage all user devices with…   Read More →

Press Release IndicatorDevon IT Announces New VDI Blaster 7.2.2 Release

Devon IT, Inc., a leading thin client solutions company, today announced that its VDI Blaster™ version 7.2.2, the industry’s leading PC repurposing tool, now supports a range of features that were formerly only available on expensive standalone thin client devices. VDI Blaster is the most popular software tool that enables a PC to act as a thin client. VDI Blaster…   Read More →

Press Release IndicatorDevon IT ZeTOS Provides Advanced Zero Client Benefits With Superior Management and Flexibility Features

Devon IT Today Announced the ZeTOS™ Zero Client Operating System That Enables Fast, Efficient Deployments of New Zero Client Terminals. Administrators can tailor session types to the needs of their users without allowing users the ability to alter designated settings. This renders a faster deployment with less management required, reducing the amount of troubleshooting needed. “Terminals running ZeTOS are capable…   Read More →

Press Release IndicatorAcer N2010G Thin Client Replaces Dell, HP, Devon and Wyse Thin Clients At Lower Cost

Devon IT today announced the latest Acer Thin Client, the N2010G matches or exceeds performance of current Dell, Devon, HP, and Wyse thin clients for enterprise virtual desktops. The Acer Veriton N2010G, built around the Texas Instruments 8148 processor, is designed as an advanced, high-performance thin client at a low price. In addition, the Acer N2010G offers the unique ZeTOS™,…   Read More →