School District Selects Thin Clients as a Desktop Solution for Students

In Today’s Ever Changing Technological Reliant World, as Hardware Turns Towards its End of Useful Life, IT Administrators are Looking for More Efficient, Secure and Cost Effective Options for Their Infrastructure.

A School District located in Ohio that employees over 250 expert teachers and faculty members in the k-12 educational industry; began to face this same dilemma. They wanted their students to have the accessibility of technology at their finger tips to create a dynamic learning environment, but had to stay within the tight school district budget.

The problem the School District was facing at the time, was that PCs where getting expensive and the school district was looking for a less expensive alternative that would still provide students an exceptional learning experience with the use of technology. Before working with Devon IT, they were operating in a PC environment and trying to replace the PC’s with a more cost effective solution that would allow technology hardware to last longer.  Updating the computers with the latest programs and software was time consuming for the district’s IT personnel.

When the School District discovered Devon IT’s thin clients, they realized the prices fit the bill of the school district’s budget and soon realized they had to look further into thin client technology and Devon IT’s solutions. The School District initially purchased a few VDI Blasters for testing of Echo, Devon IT’s thin client management software.  They quickly realized the many benefits of Echo and purchased around 200 units for the initial order.  As they rolled out their thin clients they then purchased 90 more units to complete their VDI environment.

The School District was running DeTOS, a Linux based operating system that provides an intuitive user interface to make creating and maintaining remote desktop connections and terminal settings a breeze. The embedded Thin Client Operating System is developed by Devon IT to create a simple, secure and centrally manageable infrastructure. Additionally, their DeTOS based terminals were easily managed through Echo Thin Client Management software.

The thin clients purchased were cost effective for the School District’s budget. Echo thin client management software made the profile customization and deployment simple.  As an educational institution security is important the capability to deny access and only allow select programs to students was a great benefit. The thin client rollout was very easy to set up with hardly any downtown.

The Devon IT thin clients gave the students the experience the School District was looking for.  Their VDI environment is easy to set up and they did not experience the same down time as if they had to set up a brand new computer.  With Echo, the software management system provided both the students and administrators a structured solution for their IT concerns such as connection management, terminal configurations, and system updates.

Technology, bright learning spaces, and dedication to academic areas are what make for a wonderful learning environment for students. Devon IT’s thin clients and expertise helps schools across the world be able to put the secure, easily manageable, and cost effective technology at student’s fingertips giving them a tool for learning.

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