Progressing to a Virtual Desktop Environment

Technology improves how we conduct business, and staying on the forefront of virtual desktop solutions helps companies stay competitive in today’s fast paced global marketplace.

IT departments are forced to discover unique platforms to centralize business. Calford Seaden, a multi-disciplined construction and property consultant firm, depends on efficient IT operations to deliver competitive services.

Without a cost-effective and flexible system, Calford Seaden had high operating costs, consistent management issues associated with maintaining 200+ desktops and 45 servers, and concerns associated with outdated disaster recovery plans and provisions. IT systems included 45 Intel Windows Servers where each location had its own servers and PCs; all linked via a leased line to their headquarters. As many as 200+ desktops needed to be replaced every three years, making PC refreshes difficult and limiting their flexibility.

Calford Seaden moved to a virtualized server and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Switching to a virtual solution, they were able to reduce 45 servers to five and decrease the number of PCs being used, resulting in notable power savings. Calford Seaden originally utilized 200+ PCs using 150W each and with thin clients they are using less than 12W.

With VDI, Calford Seaden was able to use thin clients for digital dictation with audio transcription. Devon IT’s Echo™ Thin Client Management Software on Acer thin clients provides them control of their user environment, which simplifies their process for applications and managing profiles.  Users are able to log in at any office, providing greater ease of use and increased productivity.

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By creating a dynamic and flexible IT environment with thin clients and servers, IT departments worldwide are simplifying their IT infrastructures. Total cost of ownership, security, manageability, energy costs and user experience can all be improved through a VDI approach.

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