Overview: PC-over-IP on VMware View™ 4

About one month ago VMware announced the release of its new desktop virtualization software, View 4. (See the VMware press release.)

Among other things, this new version of View runs PC-over-IP (PCoIP), a high-powered remote display protocol from Teradici. We’ve received a number of inquiries from customers about PCoIP and View 4, and wanted to address them on Thin Tank.

People have used RDP (Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol) in the past but it was never designed to be the primary access to a virtual machine running XP. Although MS has improved RDP with its new version, RDP7, it is still not as comprehensive as PCoIP, which was designed from the ground up to handle remote multimedia display capabilities.

PCoIP has also been out for a number of years and was originally designed to run on dedicated hardware. VMware partnered with Teradici and ported the PCoIP protocol so it can run on VMware virtual machines.   However a thin client must be robust enough to handle the PCoIP traffic. (See our Intel® Atom™ processor-based TC5 thin client that fits this bill.)

The only difference between the new PCoIP on View 4 and the original is that it runs as software on the virtual machine and can run as a software client on the thin client hardware. This means users don’t have to purchase special hardware to run PCoIP, potentially a very expensive situation for one user.

By virtualizing PCoIP, one can share one server among multiple users who can connect from powerful thin clients running VMware View 4.

See more information about View 4 and its capabilities here .

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