Devon IT Announces Microsoft Lync Now on WES 7 Thin Clients

Microsoft Lync is Now Supported on WES 7 Thin Clients Allowing for Effective Communication for Companies with Instant Messaging, Voice Communication, and Web Conferencing.

Devon IT today announced support for Microsoft’s unified communications application, Lync, on Lenovo’s ThinkCentre M32 thin client that operates using WES7.

“Advancements in thin client technology have developed drastically and now supports unified communication applications on thin client devices for a more advanced end-user experience. This is a primary example of how virtual desktop solutions are giving desktop users more of a PC experience.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

This new Lync application capabilities will allow Lenovo thin client customers with investments in VDI to deploy Lync; including IM, presence, conferencing and enterprise voice and video as a part of their end-to-end strategy. This Lync application plug-in allows use of any Lync certified USB audio and video devices and redirects voice and video traffic from the virtualized desktop directly to the thin client running the local application. The combination of both the application plug-in and Microsoft RemoteFX (RDP 8) results in lower bandwidth utilization for optimum communication experience.

For companies that require constant communication between both internal and external contacts Microsoft Lync allows desktop users to easily communicate with anyone in their Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Server contacts.

Microsoft Lync Features Include:

  • Audio and video originate on the Thin Client and offloads encoding and decoding of media to the Thin Client to make the solution more scalable.
  • Desktop sharing makes giving presentations to many different offices and locations simple.
  • Document collaboration which allows participants to share documents and see when people add text, drawings and annotations; similar to Google Documents feature.
  • Windows applications sharing to allow collaboration on a specific application.
  • Join meetings from your office or on the road with a single click, no need to dial-in or remember meeting passcodes, simply click to join.lync, Microsoft, thin clients with Microsoft Lync installed

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