Managed Thin Clients – the heart and soul of a good VDI implementation

Golf Can Seem Complex, and so Difficult to Master.

There are so many moving parts, stance, weight distribution, clubs, the right golf ball, the right golf glove.  However, if you ask a golf professional, the most important piece may be the one that sometimes gets the least attention – the grip.  Yes, how you hold the club.  This is where everything starts and if not done properly can effect the ball flight , the distance and ultimately the score.

A good VDI implementation , much like good golf,  is at times difficult and even seem impossible to attain.

VDI involves many pieces, good server selection , a good fit that matches server horsepower with VDI workload, good network infrastructure that can support desktop cycles being moved to a data center.  The right storage selection whether SAN, NAS or direct attached is important for performance as well as economics.  All these aspects are critical, however, the piece that touches the user, much like a grip to a golf club is the desktop device, the thin client.  If the thin client is not good , the overall user experience will suffer.  Not only does the client device need to be well engineered to handle the  demands of VDI but it must be managed.  If the right management software is not in place, both users and administrators will be frustrated.

But – if the thin client is solid, if the management software allows low touch management at the end point well then the VDI implementation is destined for success.

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