Industry’s Smallest Thin Client Gets Upgrades

Devon IT, Inc., a leading alternative desktop computing company, today announced a new model in its green TC2 series of thin clients equipped with upgraded configurations.

Devon IT’s line of green TC2 thin clients is VDI, Xen, ICA, and RDP-capable and is designed to be the most efficient and cost-effective alternative to standard PCs. Standing less than six inches in height and five inches in length, TC2 thin clients are the smallest generally available thin clients, and consume 8-9 watts on average compared to nearly 150 watts used by PCs.

The new TC2C model starts at $249, has upgraded 512RAM/1G DOM, is VESA mountable, and comes with a 37-month warranty. The standard TC2B model has 256RAM/512DOM, a foot stand, a power adapter, and a 13-month warranty, and starts at $189. Both models are equipped with a VIA Eden 400 MHz processor.

“Since its launch in September, the TC2 thin client series has garnered significant interest from customers across the education, healthcare, and government verticals because the products provide the same user experience as traditional fat PCs, which has been a concern of IT personnel in the past,” says Joe Makoid, President of Devon IT. “The TC2B and TC2C are the smallest thin clients on the market but boast outstanding performance, higher security, and significant financial benefits through energy, management and frontend implementation cost savings. We expect these assets to make the TC2 series the cornerstone for entities looking to replace traditional desktop PCs with hosted client solutions.”

Features also include user-friendly Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), full multimedia support with USB 2.0 ports, VGA (DB-15) ports, PS/2 ports for keyboards, and audio ports. The TC2B and TC2C support Windows desktops, Web browsers, and applications from multi-user Windows Microsoft.

For more information, or to arrange for a proof-of-concept,, or call 610-757-4220 or toll-free 888-524-9382. Information is also available at

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