Echo™ Makes Centrally Managing Virtual Workstations – Simple

Centralized Data Center Environments Allow CIOs to Deploy Virtualized Environments Front-Ended by Thin Clients to Save Money, Slash Energy Costs, Enhance Security and Increase Productivity — Anywhere, Anytime.

Echo™ thin client management software is embedded on Acer thin clients providing simple management capabilities, broadcast and IP range walk discovery options, remote setup configuration, shadowing, and cloning of settings.

Echo™ is a powerful software product, developed exclusively by Devon IT, that combines thin client management capabilities with connection management features. This software is an invaluable tool for both simple and complex VDI environments no matter if you are overseeing a large scale hosted-desktop deployment or just managing a small group of thin client terminals. Watch the video below to see Echo™ Thin Client Management software demo from one of our engineers.

With Echo™ Thin Client Management software, IT administrators can perform a full virtual desktop roll out efficiently and effectively while saving hours of work. Once the initial configuration of Echo™ and an FTP has been completed, deploying new endpoints is simple. For instance, let’s consider you are rolling out of 150 thin clients. You have a few customizations you want to make to the local OS, so you add a PDF reader and a few drivers that you need to one of your thin clients. Customization of the OS in this manner typically takes about 20 minutes. Next, you go into the Echo™ Management interface and clone your custom image to an FTP. Finally, you create a default profile in Echo™ that includes this customized image (and any other settings you wish to include), which takes about 30 seconds.

Devon IT’s Echo™ thin client management software  automates the distribution of settings and connections to the thin client terminals, enabling system and desktop administrators to create or copy new arrangements of settings, connections, and disk images to tailor any IT environments needs. With Echo™ thin client management software you can reap all the benefits of virtual desktop computing and centrally manage your newly converted hardware, effectively and efficiently.

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