Dugouts, Dell, and Devon IT

The Dell team invited us to the Dell Swinging for the Fences event at the Royals vs. Yankees game on August 17th.  A chance to meet new people and go to a baseball game was something Devon IT could not pass up!  Upon arriving in Kansas City, the Devon IT team made a plan to make as many connections as possible, while explaining VDI to any and all interested parties.  With such a private setting it was easy to have great conversations with many of the attendees.  Kauffman Stadium was an amazing place to watch a ball game, and the hospitality of the Dell Event Marketing Team was unmatched.  Two hours prior to game time, we were given the opportunity to address the crowd with a short presentation.  As presentations wrapped up, we were happily surprised to see the rush of interest in one specific product – VDI Blaster Dell Edition.

Everyone seemed most impressed with the return on investment for VDI Blaster.  They loved that the three installation options allowed for flexibility in squeezing the last few years out of old machinery.  While we spoke with customers, the overwhelming favorite attribute of VDI Blaster Dell edition turned out to be the ease of transition.   Connections from industries such as healthcare, higher education and law firms all seemed to love the low cost of migration VDI Blaster Dell edition provided.  They were also pleased with the opportunity to get comfortable with desktop virtualization before adding the Dell hardware into the VDI solution.

As the 9th inning ended and Kauffman Stadium celebrated the Royals victory, some final pleasantries and conversations served to strengthen the Devon IT and Dell bonds created throughout the night.  We look forward to working with all of them soon!

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