Devon IT Offers PanoLogic Customers a Conversion Path to New Thin Clients

Devon IT, Inc., a leading thin client virtual desktop solutions provider, today announces that it is offering existing PanoLogic customers a new conversion path for their VDI implementations.

PanoLogic’s apparent closure last week has left its customers with no support and no alternative to its proprietary designs. Devon IT’s software offers many features that go beyond PanoLogic products and include a zero configuration option that combines the best of the zero client approach with the flexibility of a thin client’s OS.

“We are offering PanoLogic customers a support path that will help them with further virtual desktop solutions, helping them to move forward with the most flexible and advanced thin client OS and management suite available. This is a way for customers left out in the cold to continue advancing their VDI deployment and strategy.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

Devon IT’s software technology platforms can provide PanoLogic customers with the ability to further their VDI implementations, reducing hardware transition costs. Devon IT thin clients are capable of utilizing the same protocols as PanoLogic terminals, which allows them to take advantage of already existing VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft servers that PanoLogic customers have already purchased.

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