Devon IT Offers Free VDI Blaster™ to Dell Healthcare Customers

Free PC Thin Client Tool Lets Organizations Evaluate the Benefits of VDI Solutions

Devon IT, a leading provider of thin client and VDI hardware and software solutions, today announced the availability of free VDI Blaster™ software for any current Dell healthcare customers. This offer is valid for 20 copies of VDI Blaster™ available through November 30, 2011.

Devon IT VDI Blaster™ is the most popular software tool that enables a PC to act as a thin client currently available in the growing VDI market. VDI Blaster™ converts PCs into secure and centrally manageable desktop appliances, enables organizations of all sizes to realize benefits of thin client computing, and extends capital investment in PCs. VDI Blaster™ offers the benefits of a thin client at a smaller cost than a new device.

There are many benefits that VDI Blaster™ offers. Once a PC reaches the end of its useful life, VDI Blaster™ provides a simple plug-and-play solution to transform the PC into a thin client, which is still able to run Windows OS and applications. It also allows the PCs to return to their previous state if necessary. It minimizes the risk of switching to a fully virtualized architecture. VDI Blaster™ makes centrally-managed desktops possible, which reduces risk and allows for synchronized system updates. Devon IT VDI Blaster™ will connect thin clients to Microsoft Terminal Services, shared services, and virtual desktops from Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft, or VMware View.

“Devon IT thin client VDI solutions, available through Dell, meet the requirements of accuracy and immediacy for the healthcare sector with secure computing solutions. Our offer of free VDI Blaster™ will help healthcare organizations of all sizes test the benefits of VDI solutions that offer true mobility for healthcare providers. This includes mobile clinical computing solutions such as medical carts. Devon IT is running this promotion to expose customers to the power of virtualizing desktops. By centralizing the management of all client devices, organizations can reduce operational cost by up to 50% while implementing leading virtual desktop approaches.”

“Dell’s healthcare customers will be able to experience the value of virtualization that some of the world’s largest corporations and organizations are already seeing. We are committed to expanding the market potential for server-based and virtual technologies, and are thrilled to share this offer.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

VDI Blaster™ can be managed by Devon IT Echo™ – a universal thin client management software platform. Devon IT Echo™ ties everything together and is compatible with the entire Devon IT software stack. It manages every device running Devon IT VDI Blaster™ software and comes included with each VDI Blaster™ license. Features of Echo™ are thin client system image updates, maintenance and management functionality, including inventory, status, and remote service, as well as profiling, logging, and shadowing.

Dell has taken virtualization in healthcare to the next level through “Powering the Possible.” Dell donated virtualization technology that will aid in the reduction in time-to-targeted treatment for cancer.

Healthcare organizations should contact their Dell sales representative to confirm eligibility for this program. For more information about virtual desktop hardware and software solutions orderable through Dell, or to schedule a private demonstration, email

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