Devon IT Launches Thin Client, Virtualization Test Center in China Headquarters

Devon IT, Inc., a leading alternative desktop solution company, today announced it will launch a thin client and virtualization test center at its China headquarters in Beijing. Customers can test the latest Devon IT thin clients working with virtualization software, mirroring the company’s Server-Desktop Solution Center at its U.S. headquarters.

For the first time, IT personnel in China will be able to test Devon IT’s latest thin client technologies against traditional PC environments. The test center will feature Devon IT’s newly launched green TC2 thin client series and the SafeBook™ LVO, which is built on the Lenovo ThinkPad and compatible with all Lenovo docking stations and accessories.

“Our Server-Desktop Solution Center in the U.S. has become a popular facility for IT teams in all industries to test their current traditional PC environments against alternative desktop computing models with thin clients and virtualization software,” says Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT. “We replicated this model in other office locations and wanted to do the same in our China office in order to demonstrate how making the transition from PCs to hosted clients can be extremely beneficial.”

“We are excited to launch this customer-focused test facility because of the opportunity it will bring to help companies and IT firms in China become familiar with alternative desktop computing models, an idea that is gaining more and more notoriety in this region every day,” notes Jiang Tao, China Country Manager, Devon IT. “It will help our potential customers of all sizes understand how server-based desktop computing with thin clients actually works and how the implementation of this model with servers, blades, and virtualization can benefit different computing environments. We look forward to helping educate and be a resource for IT teams in China, and expect the facility to be extremely successful.”

For more information about Devon IT thin client terminals, server-based computing, or thin client technologies, or to arrange for a proof-of-concept, email, or call +86-10-62564608. Bejing Office, Unit 5B Henxing building, #89 Zhong guan cun dong RD, Haidian district, Beijing, China.

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