Devon IT Introduces New SafeBook LVO Mobile Thin Client Built on Lenovo R61 ThinkPad Platform

Devon IT, Inc., an alternative desktop solution company and the fastest growing provider of thin client terminals, today announced the availability of the new SafeBook LVO, a mobile thin client laptop built on the Lenovo R61 ThinkPad platform.

The SafeBook LVO notebook will carry the Lenovo part number 8930-A93 and is identical to the Lenovo R61 ThinkPad but has no hard drive. Starting at $859 USD, it runs seamlessly on the entire Lenovo R61 ThinkPad platform, and is compatible with everything from docking stations to accessories. The SafeBook LVO features an Intel Celeron 550 2.0GHZ processor, runs Windows XP Embedded, and supports all major server environments, including Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers 2000/2003/2008, Citrix XenAPP, XenDesktop and XenServer, VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Unix/Linux servers, and Legacy Servers.

“The Lenovo ThinkPad has long been the preferred notebook for corporate and other mobile users due to its durability and advanced technology, and by blending with it our thin technologies we expect the SafeBook LVO to be the preferred thin client laptop for users across all verticals,” says Joe Makoid, president, Devon IT. “This paramount, forward-thinking decision by Lenovo will allow companies and organizations to make a smooth transition from PCs and laptops to server-centric computing environments with thin clients. We have received tremendous feedback from our customers, and expect to be very successful with Lenovo and the SafeBook LVO.”

“It is exciting to see companies like Devon IT aggressively building solutions for enterprise customers,” says Fran O’Sullivan, senior vice president, Lenovo Product Group. “We look forward to working with Devon IT to offer customers new ThinkPad-based solutions.”

The original SafeBook model was launched in October 2006. It was most popular among corporate, healthcare, and education clients.

“As an early adopter of Devon IT’s SafeBook, we realized tremendous benefits from its mobility and security features,” says Nate McAlmond, Director of Information Technology , from Lifeworks Northwest ( . “In our fast-paced healthcare environment, we need reliable, rugged, and secure computing products. The Lenovo ThinkPad has a reputation for durability and flexibility, and combined with Devon IT’s technology we see the SafeBook LVO model as a logical step in the product’s advancement.”

For more information about the SafeBook LVO, server-based computing, or thin client technologies, or to arrange for a proof-of-concept,, or call 610-757-4220 or toll-free 888-524-9382. Information is also available at

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