Devon IT Announces Two More Citrix HDX Ready Thin Client Solutions

Devon IT, Inc., a leading thin client hardware and software provider, announced today at Citrix Synergy 2010,, the availability of two Citrix HDX Ready thin client solutions, the Intel Atom based TC5D and the SafeBook E5400X based on the Dell platform.

HDX™ technology, Citrix XenDesktop® delivers a superior user experience for virtual desktops. The HDX Ready designation is reserved for thin client solutions like the TC5D and E5400X that have been verified to work with all of the HDX technology in XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp™.

“Devon IT continues to advance the capabilities of virtual desktop computing with their thin client hardware and software. Coupled with HDX technology these Devon IT thin client solutions provides an excellent experience for demanding users who require multi-monitor support, high-definition video and use high throughput devices such as VOIP headsets. Devon IT’s technologies complement and extend HDX capabilities to deliver a high-definition user experience and expand the ability of companies and organizations to offer virtual desktops to a wide variety of users.”

– John Fanelli, vice president , community and solutions marketing at Citrix

“Citrix HDX technology delivers an outstanding user experience playing a vital role in the adoption of alternatives to PC computing models. HDX capabilities allow seamless multimedia, plug-and-play access to USB and other peripherals, high performance graphics, VOIP, and other key media imperative for business functionality. We are proud that our technology has grown with Citrix and that Devon IT thin client solutions such as the TC5 can advance side-by-side with XenDesktop to enhance the experience for thin client users.”

– Stephane Verdy, Devon IT’s CTO

The TC5 was the first thin client generally available with the powerful Intel® Atom™ n270 1.6GHz dual threaded processor capable of dual DVI displays with a minimum desktop footprint. The SafeBook® E5400X – based on the Dell E5400 platform, is Devon IT’s third generation of SafeBook mobile thin client model and is orderable through Dell. All Devon IT thin client solutions can be managed by Devon IT Echo management software.

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