Devon IT Announces Thin Client Support for Microsoft® Office 365

Devon IT, Inc., a leading provider of thin client hardware, software, and virtual desktop solutions, today announced full support for Microsoft® Office 365, the latest addition to the software giant’s growing cloud application suite.

According to Microsoft’s website, Office 365 is a service that offers customers the chance to pay a monthly fee to use its familiar Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications online, as well as server software including its Exchange Online email program, SharePoint collaboration software, and Lync Online communications technology. The service will be hosted by Microsoft and telecom partners. Thin client portals accessing Office 365 application can be configured within an organization or home office for easy access to these leading applications hosted in the cloud.

“Microsoft Office 365 is a clear endorsement of an alternative desktop approach, and we’re witnessing very strong interest. Many of our VDI customers are taking advantage of cloud computing where applications are no longer directly tied to a user’s desktop. Growing adoption will prompt more customers to migrate content from multiple locations to the cloud. Microsoft Office 365 gives organization a way to continue to use the standard applications while taking full advantage of VDI and cloud computing.”

“We supported Office 365 beta customers for months and are excited to offer full support for the commercial release. Devon IT is proud to be a part of the Office 365 community, and is committed to providing robust thin client solutions that will help users realize the cost and process benefits of Office 365.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

Devon IT’s thin client solutions provide a fully-tested Office 365 plug-and-play solution and Devon IT thin clients running Windows® Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) are fully compliant with all Office 365 applications. Devon IT thin clients running its proprietary Linux-based Devon Terminal Operating System (DeTOS), as well as PCs repurposed with Devon IT’s VDI Blaster™ software, can immediately take advantage of the Office 365 service. Future releases of DeTOS and VDI Blaster will include enhancements that will enable Office 365 support out of the box.

“Our thin clients with WES 7 work perfectly with Office 365. WES 7 is an ideal Office 365 cloud endpoint for small businesses who do not wish to purchase a desktop PC, server, and support hardware needed for a small office.”

– Ian Geiser, CTO for Devon IT

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