Devon IT Announces Plans for Microsoft RemoteFX-Optimized Zero Client

Devon IT, Inc., a provider of thin client hardware and software solutions, today announced plans to develop and sell a new, low-cost zero client desktop device specifically designed to support Microsoft RemoteFX.

The Devon IT RemoteFX Zero Client – code named the TC Zero – will be among the first devices specifically designed for Microsoft’s RemoteFX software. The RemoteFX zero client will allow users to take advantage of rich media features such as 3D user interface, video, animations, and portable graphics stacks like Microsoft Silverlight and Flash, and a diverse array of client-side devices.

Hardware accelerated RemoteFX decoding provides excellent performance while allowing to keep power consumption to an extremely low level. Devon IT is working to design a new thin client that implements this RemoteFX decoding in hardware. Devon IT plans to release the Remote FZ TC Zero within 6 months after SP1 ships and Devon IT also plans an aggressive low price point to make the cost of acquisition and ultimately the total cost of ownership as low as possible.

“Customers will be excited about Devon IT’s plans to develop and sell a low-cost client desktop device designed to support Microsoft RemoteFX. The collaboration between Microsoft and Devon IT will help deliver innovative RemoteFX solutions to enterprises looking to maximize their IT investment.”

– Dai Vu, director of Virtualization Solutions Marketing at Microsoft Corp

“RemoteFX has no doubt raised the bar for delivering high-quality, PC-like desktop experiences to users of all intensity levels. We have worked with innovators like the Microsoft RemoteFX team for years, and we are ecstatic that we can once again provide customers with an advanced thin client solution.”

– Stephane Verdy, CTO for Devon IT

“Devon IT has been a recognized innovator in developing cutting-edge alternative desktop technologies for the last five years. When an iconic company like Microsoft, which has built the modern desktop computer industry into what it is today , announces technology like Microsoft RemoteFX it is a market setting and industry changing event. RemoteFX-based products and technologies from Devon IT will fundamentally help our customers increase their desktop computing productivity and reduce their costs.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

Historically the end-user experience has been a factor limiting the usability in some remote desktops. Microsoft RemoteFX gives an enhanced user experience regardless of the type of application (3D, web based video streaming, etc). Since RemoteFX relies on server-side rendering, it enables Devon IT to build simplified thin clients that do not need to be upgraded as new multimedia players or codecs are created. This allows customers to deploy low cost, highly secure, highly reliable and centrally manageable thin clients even to their most demanding users.

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