Devon IT Announces Partnership with Hive-IO for Complete VDI DaaS Solution Integrated with Thin Clients

Leaders in VDI, Virtualized Servers, Desktops and Infrastructure Join to Deliver End-to-End Cloud Compute Solution

New York, King of Prussia, February 14, 2017 — Devon IT, a leading provider of operating systems and thin client management software solutions for Lenovo thin clients today announced their partnership with Hive-IO, a leading software-defined infrastructure solution. Together these companies are able to offer a complete VDI solution that combines the Hive-IO cloud compute platform with the Lenovo® ThinkCentre® thin clients and Devon IT LTM thin client management software.

“We are proud to partner with Hive-IO to be able offer one of the best VDI integrations on the market. Our thin client solutions with the cloud-compute software platform offered by Hive-IO adds tremendous value to help enterprises meet end-to-end IT solutions for desktop virtualization with simplified cloud storage.”

-Ian Geiser, Chief Technology Officer, Devon IT

The integrated offering enables enterprise and SMB organizations to realize the full benefits of a hyper-converged solution that decreases the cost and increases the effectiveness of VDI. With LTM, System Administrators can expect centralized control giving them the ability to add, delete or change software and configuration without the need to visit each user’s personal desktop device. The powerful management platform helps drive deployment and management of hosted and virtual desktop solutions, and developed expanded security features, added new reporting functions, and enhanced management capabilities.

“We’re excited to partner with Devon IT as they offer a streamlined thin client solution that is highly scalable and, when combined with the Hive-IO software, a complete end-to-end cloud solution. This combination of Lenovo thin clients and management software with Hive-IO’s cloud-compute platform will offer customers the full control of their assets on the most cost-effective infrastructure offering available.”

– Kevin McNamara, CTO and Cofounder, Hive-IO.

Hive-IO’s platform is a complete cloud-compute software solution that reduces cloud storage needs an average of 70%, removes vendor sprawl and provides unparalleled security on premise. The solution services VDI, VSI, and custom compute workloads, and can be delivered on-premise premise or from a managed services provider. Management of the platform can be done in house or can be sourced externally to Hive-IO certified partners.

For more information about Lenovo thin client solutions or product details email: or call +1 (610) 757-4220 or toll-free at (888) 524-9382. For more information about LeTOS and LTM please visit Follow Devon IT on Twitter @DevonIT.

For more information about this offer and to arrange a demonstration of the Hive-IO software-defined infrastructure solution or for architecture details, email

About Devon IT
Devon IT, Inc., ( is a leading information technology company that offers thin client software and virtual desktop solutions. Devon IT’s products offer users in various industries and environments greater IT security, enhanced manageability, improved reliability, and lower costs. Devon IT is also the creator of the patented VDI Blaster™, software that transforms PCs with hard drives into virtual desktops. The company is headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania with offices in London, and Shanghai. Read Devon IT’s technical blog, “Thin Tank,” at

About Hive-IO
Hive-IO is an infrastructure innovation company that delivers the power, value and agility of the public cloud with all the security, control and governance of the private cloud. Our secure cloud software infrastructure platform and all-inclusive ground up solution delivers full cloud service out of the box. The Hive-IO solution is in use in some of the largest virtual infrastructure implementations across the world. For more information, visit and follow @Hive-IO1 on Twitter.

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