Devon IT Announces Free VDI Thin Client Assessment Offer

Devon IT Today Announced the Availability of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Cost Savings Assessment Based on its TCO Calculator.

The Devon IT VDI Assessment is designed specifically for companies and enterprises interested in the return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) benefits of desktop virtualization and client consolidation.

“Virtualization allows enterprises to utilize their servers and desktops much more efficiently. Our calculator helps companies understand how thin client terminals and other components of alternative desktop computing can benefit their IT environments from a number of angles.”

– Joe Makoid, President of Devon IT

How the Devon IT VDI Assessment and TCO Calculator Works:

Representatives from Devon IT perform a high-level desktop “discovery” over the phone or via email on companies’ current desktop architecture, validate any assumptions made to date, analyze information on current configurations and compare data to industry standards.

The desktop TCO calculation results are then provided based on the data provided along with recommendations. 

Your evaluation results will show:

  • Capital Savings
  • Operation Savings
  • End –User Operation Savings
  • Downtime Savings
  • Energy Savings
  • Desktop Related Cost Savings for 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 Years

“This initiative is extremely beneficial for enterprises and businesses because they can see in real-time exactly how virtual desktops can benefit their environments – and their bottom lines. Cost and centralized management are among the leading benefits, as well as security, and business flexibility.”

– Joe Makoid, President of Devon IT

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