Devon IT Announces a New Partnership with cellCompute Low Cost VDI Stack

Devon IT and cellCompute Partner to Eliminate Expensive Remote Access Solutions with Lenovo Thin Clients

Devon IT, Inc., a leading provider of thin client and virtual desktop software, today announced a partnership with cellCompute, a leader in Open Stack based integrated VDI software. cellCompute eliminates the need for expensive hyper visors and remote access software in an integrated software solution.

“The advantages of virtualized solutions are often outweighed by complexity and cost.  Our goal is to reduce the cost of the virtual desktop, server, and storage stack and eliminate complexity. Our partnership with a leader in VDI such as Devon IT will help promote this approach by combining powerful thin desktops with our advanced cloud-based solutions.”

–  Uri Lichtenfeld, CEO,  cellCompute

cellCompute offers enterprise customers a cost-effective cloud-based alternative to today’s virtualized solutions. Their integrated VDI delivers the power, value, and agility of the public cloud with all of the security, control, and governance of the private cloud. It will cut the cost of VDI deployment by over 60 percent. Built on open stack technologies and proven at the world’s leading financial institutions, the cellCompute solution delivers virtual desktops, servers, and storage faster and easier than existing providers and eliminates expensive software from the stack. cellCompute is available as a public, private or hybrid cloud offering.

“Our new partnership with cellCompute creates a low cost ideal VDI environment for customers. The Lenovo thin clients with Devon IT software such as the OS and management console provides users with a high value endpoint device at a low cost while cellCompute offers a fully stacked VDI software package without the inflated costs compared to competitors. Together we are making VDI more affordable with quality products customers expect.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

Devon IT’s partnership with cellCompute will enhance the overall user experience on Lenovo thin clients. cellComput eliminates the need for Citrix, VMWare, and Microsoft desktop as a service(Daas), shrinking data storage needs down to 85%. This simplified front-end is fully integrated on thin clients, includes software storage, and is a 10th of the price of the typical hyper visors and remote access software on other thin client devices.

For more information about virtual desktop solutions or to schedule a private demonstration, email or call (610) 757-4220 or toll-free at (888) 524-9382. For more information about Devon IT software, Ceptor and VDI Blaster™, please visit

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