Device Management is KEY to Successful Thin Client Deployment

Devon IT Echo™ is the Result of 7 Years of Field Usage in Some of the Most Demanding Data Centers in the World.

When discussing thin client or virtual client desktop deployment, the many advantages of centralizing desktops are clear: lower operating costs, reduced power consumption, higher security, and more.

But none of these vital benefits can be realized without a reliable management system. To make a football analogy, running and passing the football is what you need to score touchdowns, but you can’t do either without an offensive line blocking in front of you!

So what features that make up a good thin client management system? It must be easy to set up. It also must have a well thought out GUI that is intuitive for any operator.

It should also interface with common database structures. In many cases the desktop environment is a hosted Windows desktop, MySQL and MS-SQL should be through the system.

Power is also key. Basic functionality should include, at minimum, the ability to inventory all available terminals on the network, apply connections and profiles, clone full disk images, and remotely shadow devices. End user authentication should be achieved using common authentication methods like active directory.

Especially today, it must also be cost-effective. Many of the powerful management platforms are offered for a nominal or no fee from the manufacturers. This is the case with Devon IT’s Echo™ Thin Client Management Software, Devon IT Echo™ Management Console Dell Edition, and HP Device manager.

I make all these points about device management as we at Devon IT launch our Echo™ Management Platform Version 7.1. Devon IT Echo™ is the result of 7 years of field usage in some of the most demanding data centers in the world. I think you will like what you see!

Please share any thoughts about thin client management software and systems as well.

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