Dell’s Mobile Medical – Just what the doctor ordered.

Dell Continues to Make Aggressive Moves Aligning its Many Resources Around Solutions

If you look beneath the covers their Mobile Medical solution is mobility and security brought on by VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure). By stationing VDI portals around a provider facility caregivers have access to their desktop anywhere at any time. Simply by authenticating they get their desktop. This is done without having to carry devices around the hospital that are known security leaks. This is a very effective approach to free seating and single sign on.

Dell’s recent acquisitions of Equalogix( iSCSI SANs) and KACE (management appliance) combined with their server firepower, desktop dominance and new hosting centers allow them to provide this solution on site or in the cloud. Impressive.

As an update you can learn more about Dell’s Healthcare vision from Michale Dell’s presentation at Health Evolution Partners’ Innovation Network (HEPIN) conference in Dana Point, California.

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