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Blog Post IndicatorInfographic: Four Prominent Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization Featured Image 1

The World is Going Virtual As We Can See. Consumers and businesses alike are moving more applications to the cloud and we are in search of technologies to make our lives and jobs easier and more manageable. What we are focusing on in particular is that enterprises are looking at desktop virtualization as to better align their cloud computing and…   Read More →

Blog Post Indicator11 Steps to Roll-Out a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) roll-out needs to be carefully tested and planned so you’re ready for the success when it is time for the full VDI deployment. It’s more than a “flick-the-switch” method. You want to make sure you don’t cause confusion among users or harm productivity. By implementing virtual desktops slowly you can gather metrics that will help…   Read More →