Infographic: Four Prominent Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

The World is Going Virtual As We Can See.

Consumers and businesses alike are moving more applications to the cloud and we are in search of technologies to make our lives and jobs easier and more manageable.

What we are focusing on in particular is that enterprises are looking at desktop virtualization as to better align their cloud computing and BYOD initiatives within a more secure environment as an overall technology platform solution. The result is that, rather than the desktop being stored locally on a remote client, a virtualized version of the desktop is stored on a remote central server, allowing users to run an operating system and applications from a thin client, tablet or smartphone.

Desktop virtualization is a valuable technology platform and solves several business problems. With the many benefits desktop virtualization has to offer for an environment, there are four prominent categories that stand out:


The value of desktop virtualization rests in the simple facts that it makes end-user computing environments more secure, reliable and easier to support. The lower TCO promises of VDI is due to the fact that several virtual desktops reside on one physical machine and the costs of IT PC support are dropped drastically because desktops are managed in batches and are upgraded and supported from a central management system resting on the server. VDI also increases device usage flexibility since the user can access their virtual desktop from their home PC, tablet, or smartphone creating a more secure platform for an enterprise’s BYOD initiatives.

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