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Blog Post IndicatorStop Worrying and Start Winning with VDI

Establishing a Viable Virtualized Environment In Today’s Workplace Can Be a Daunting Task Oftentimes, the requirements of such an environment are filled with technical jargon that can make the process seem much more complicated than it actually is. Sure, a good VDI requires a competent IT staff, but often these environments are built upon simple concepts that IT departments are…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorDevice Management is KEY to Successful Thin Client Deployment

Devon IT Echo™ is the Result of 7 Years of Field Usage in Some of the Most Demanding Data Centers in the World. When discussing thin client or virtual client desktop deployment, the many advantages of centralizing desktops are clear: lower operating costs, reduced power consumption, higher security, and more. But none of these vital benefits can be realized without…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorIs Dell World the New Comdex?

Comdex, the computer show launched in Las Vegas in the early 80s for computer dealers, grew to be the most important showcase of computer technology for the masses. The show grew to staggering attendance numbers of 200,000 plus by the mid 90s. Like all good things, Comdex came to an end in the early 2000s, and was replaced by a…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorManaged Thin Clients – the heart and soul of a good VDI implementation

Golf Can Seem Complex, and so Difficult to Master. There are so many moving parts, stance, weight distribution, clubs, the right golf ball, the right golf glove.  However, if you ask a golf professional, the most important piece may be the one that sometimes gets the least attention – the grip.  Yes, how you hold the club.  This is where…   Read More →