VDI Blaster™

VDI Blaster™ converts PCs into secure, centrally manageable thin client desktops extending investments in PCs. A software tool that helps maximize the useful life of existing computer, VDI Blaster offers the benefits of a thin client, enabling enterprises of all sizes to recognize the value of thin client computing. PCs can easily be converted via USB key or a network install, instantly converting PCs to thin clients.

VDI Blaster is a great tool to use to test both DeTOS thin client OS and Echo thin client management console. With VDI Blaster you will be able to see the ease of use and simplicity by the advance thin client management console. VDI Blaster also is a great tool to ease into a virtual desktop deployment.

Configuring a session out of the box is quick and painless using VDI Blaster’s intuitive control panel. VDI Blaster connects to hosted desktops using the industry’s best protocols: VMware View with PCoIP, Citrix ICA with HDX, RDP, Leostream, NX NoMachine, X11, and VDI-In-A-Box. With built-in Firefox browser it allows easy access to web-based applications. PCs repurposed with VDI Blaster™ can be centrally managed using the Echo™ thin client management software.

Compatible Software

The VDI Blaster™ is compatible with the DeTOS operating system and Echo or LTM management software.

Compatible Solutions

These products are able to run on the same environment:

Lenovo ThinkCentre M32 Thin ClientThinkCentre M32
ThinkCentre M53ThinkCentre M53
Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Thin ClientThinkCentre M73
ThinkCentre Tiny-In-OneTiny-In-One