Lenovo® VDI Solutions Overview

Lenovo® has a full range of VDI solutions including thin client devices, servers and storage. In this video, you will learn about each Lenovo® product and its special features.

LeTOS Setup Walkthrough

Lenovo® Terminal Operating System, also known as LeTOS, is an embedded thin client Linux operating system designed to be simple, secure, and centrally manageable. In this video, you will see how to set up LeTOS to connect it to the popular VDI solutions currently available on the market such as Citrix ICA and VMWare Horizon View Support. You will also see demonstrations on how to change the system settings in the control panel.

LTM WebUI Overview

Lenovo® Thin Client Manager, also known as LTM, is a unique, intuitive thin client management software built from the ground up. In this video, you will see how LTM streamlines the management of groups of thin client devices from one place.

LTM Installation Demonstration

Lenovo Thin Client Manager, also known as LTM, is included in all Lenovo thin client devices. This video is a walk through of how to install the LTM software, import local data, and build a virtual machine, etc.

The Lenovo® ThinkCentre® Tiny-In-One

The Lenovo® ThinkCentre® Tiny-In-One combines the advantages of a thin client with the utility and flexibility of an integrated monitor. This unique modular design fits the thin client in an all in one chassis, locks to the back of the monitor and within seconds enables users to access their hosted and virtual desktops.

Echo – Devon IT’s Thin Client Management Software

See how Echo™ thin client management software will prove to be an invaluable tool for both simple and complex environments no matter if you are overseeing a large scale hosted-desktop deployment or just managing a small group of thin client terminals.

Thin Client Computing and the Market

Thin clients as an end user device are increasing in demand. The virtualization marketing is continuing to grow. With technology advancements thin clients can handle intensive graphics and seamless desktop experience for a better user experience.