Veriton N2010G


The Veriton N2010G Acer thin client is ARM-based and allows virtual desktop users to take advantage of rich media features such as 3 3D user interface, full-motion video, animations, and portable graphics stacks. This powerful thin client can deliver a truly HD experience while being energy efficient

This Acer thin client incorporates accelerated RemoteFX decoding, providing excellent performance while keeping power consumption extremely low. The Dual DVI thin client has 1GB of RAM with 4 GB of DOM. Virtual desktop users receive a unique and flexible option in one low-cost energy saving thin client terminal.

Compatible Software

The Acer N2010G is compatible with the DeTOS operating system and Echo management software.

Compatible Solutions

These products are able to run on the same environment:

VDI Blaster™ by Devon ITVDI Blaster™