Virtualization Trends in 2010 & Beyond: Experts Weigh In

If you haven’t seen it already, David Marshall is running a fantastic series about Virtualization/Cloud predictions in 2010 on his virtualization blog,

Executives are weighing in on what to expect next year in server and desktop virtualization, cloud computing, OS virtualization, I/O virtualization, network virtualization, storage virtualization and more.

We offered our thoughts which are anchored in the game-altering impact new RDP protocols, including VMware View 4, XenDesktop 4, RDP 7 and SPICE are having on the marketplace.

While Citrix ICA and Windows Terminal Services clearly have the deepest market penetration, the high-powered technologies of PCoIP and others, coupled with advanced thin client hardware, can deliver users true PC experiences – on everything from YouTube videos to CAD engineering programs – in a virtual desktop.

It will be interesting to see the adoption in the industry now that some of these performance barriers will be broken – we think it’s the future of alternative desktop computing.

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