VDI Blaster™ Thin Client Software from Devon IT Now Available for Purchase with Google Checkout

Devon IT, an alternative desktop solution company and the fastest growing provider of thin client hardware and software solutions, today announced that its VDI Blaster™ software can be purchased using Google Checkout on its software website www.vdiblaster.com.

VDI Blaster™ extends the life of existing desktop computers by converting them into thin clients. The software deploys Devon IT’s thin client operating system, Devon Terminal Operating System (DeTOS™), and  Devon IT’s thin client management software, ThinManage™, to help IT administrators manage enterprise-wide deployments from a central location.  Once VDI Blaster™ is deployed, users can select to boot into their normal Windows operating system or into DeTOS™.

“Using VDI Blaster to convert aging enterprise PCs into secure, managed thin clients enables organizations of all sizes to extend their capital investment in PCs while testing thin client computing models. Traditional desktops typically need to be refreshed or replaced every three or four years, but companies and organizations can now extend the life of these PCs by converting them into thin clients. Users can simultaneously test hosted client computing methods, and we hope VDI Blaster will continue the momentum of IT administrators moving from desktop PCs to hosted client environments.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

Users can purchase up to 25 VDI Blaster™ packages using Google Checkout for US$19.99 each. Previous Google Checkout just need their usernames and passwords.  Customers can create Google Checkout log-ins quickly by submitting a brief form.

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