Thin Client Laptops Help Align Desktop Virtualization with BYOD

Desktop virtualization promises enhanced security for enterprises but with the increasing demand of mobility, a secure environment can be harder to reach. With the workplace evolving to become more mobile and virtual; mobility solutions for users in the enterprise is no longer an option but a requirement. IT is now obligated to look at solutions that fill the user gaps. Virtual desktops give enterprises the security and IT the power to manage, but what about demand for mobility and BYOD?

The reports on consumerization of technology, or “BYOD,” have been negative and somewhat over thought-out and exhausted at least from the view of IT and security departments. Everyday a new article pops up talking about the threats, and challenges in managing multiple device types along with the control or lack thereof control over the devices.

When you cut right through it all, employees are demanding access to corporate networks, applications, and information anywhere at any time with any device and managing this isn’t always easy. Enterprises struggle to not only keep employees happy but to give them the access they are now requiring in our constantly “powered on” world. Then look at IT departments struggling to manage the mobile risk.

Lenovo ThinkPad L440 | Thin Client Laptop

Lenovo ThinkPad L440 | Thin Client Laptop

However not every employee is mobile, and not every employee needs constant access. Desktop virtualization makes it possible for IT to deliver desktops and apps straight from the data center to any device, making device management radically simpler. With more and more thin client laptops hitting the market, this makes managing those mobile devices more secure. By shifting device ownership to employees, IT eases its burden for endpoint procurement and management.

Thin client laptops offer security for those mobile users. Rather than the desktop being stored locally on a remote client, a virtualized version of the desktop is stored on a remote central server, allowing users to run an operating system and applications from a thin client laptop or a standard desktop thin client; streamlining a desktop virtualization platform.

Thin Client Laptop | Lenovo's ThinkPad L440

Thin Client Laptop | Lenovo’s ThinkPad L440

Desktop virtualization addresses two key challenges– security and device management. By enabling IT to centrally manage and secure desktops, applications, and data in the data center, business information is always secure. Even when data is stored on the end point device, IT has the ability to remotely erase data in the event the device is lost or stolen. Thin Client laptops are the solution to integrate into an enterprise’s desktop virtualization platform to address the mobile users and workforce that is ever expanding today.

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