Identifying with the Benefits of Thin Client Computing Across Multiple Industries

No IT environment is the same, but enterprises across a spectrum of various industries predominantly have the same pains and goals needed to be fulfilled regarding IT and business operations. Increased security and decreased cost among the most popular. Enterprises find that thin client computing is the solution to meet their unique infrastructure needs.


With thin client computing, there is no local storage and no moving parts that can cause failure.

Thin Clients Offer:

  • Secure access to applications and sensitive information
  • Reduce downtime with thin client management software
  • Reliable features to prevent potentially compromising activity, i.e. unauthorized downloading, file sharing or unapproved installation


Thin clients bring classrooms and labs into the 21st century, in a simple and cost effective manner.

Allows Educational Institutes to Achieve More for the Students With Less by:

  • Simplifying IT management
  • Providing an environment for learning with collaborative technology
  • Facilitating incremental roll-outs


Thin client computing in healthcare facilities improve clinical workflow, helping healthcare professionals get quick, reliable access to accurate information for an improved patient experience.

Supporting the Healthcare Industry by:

  • Making patient and medical data more accessible
  • Meeting privacy requirements
  • Easily managed from one central location for individual and multi-site healthcare facilities


Federal, State, and Local agencies are challenged to be more efficient, effective, and secure while reducing costs.

Thin Client Computing Gives Agencies Greater Versatility and Reliability which:

  • Eliminated problems with classified hard drives by moving to a diskless
  • Reduces exposure of classified information and breached data that is stored on a computer
  • User roles and access levels are pre-configured to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to critical settings. Administrators can customize these roles as needed

Business Services/ Call Centers

Thin client computing institutes a centralized management IT platform that eliminates individual management of multiple desktops.

Reducing Unnecessary Time-Consumption and Costs Through:

  • Simplicity of set up and central administration to access any application from any device at any location
  • Centralized management allows admins to control user settings, clone profiles, detect and repair downtime, and add, delete, or change software and configuration without visiting each user’s desktop device.
  • Decreasing energy and space concerns with a reduction in power and cooling needs which lowers costs while enhancing efficiency among employees

From call centers to healthcare personnel, on the go to power users in financial services and animation, the flexibility, manageability, security, and cost benefits of thin clients make switching to thin client computing a solution for enterprise throughout various industries.

The solution thin client computing provides often resets in the Thin Client Management Software, such as Devon IT’s Echo™, which provides complete control for IT administrators of the user environment. It creates a structured solution for IT concerns such as connection management, terminal configurations, and system updates.

Whether thin client computing is being deployed in a single location or across many facilities, Echo thin client management software will drastically simplify rolling out new applications and managing profiles, providing much greater ease of use for the company, reduced downtime and increasing operational productivity.

Thin client computing has advanced drastically in the last decade  to the point where users can’t tell the difference in performance between a thin client device and a “fat” PC.  User experience, coupled with the extensive cost, security, manageability, and scalability benefits of thin clients, is the reason IT personnel in various industries are exploring – and switching – to alternative desktop computing.

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