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Blog Post IndicatorInfographic: Thin Clients vs. Zero Clients

Thin Client Security

When Moving to Create a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), the Question, “Thin Clients or Zero Clients?” Comes Across the Infrastructure Drawing Board. Thin Clients and Zero Clients are both small form factor terminal devices designed for VDI, but they have many different characteristics to be looked at to see how they fit into the requirements and the environment of the…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorChoosing between ‘Thin vs Zero’ Clients for Virtual Desktop Computing

When It Comes to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, IT Administrators Have an Abundance of Choices. When enterprises reach the decision to create a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), there comes the question, “thin clients or zero clients?” Thin Clients and Zero Clients are both small form factor, solid state computing terminal devices, specifically designed for VDI, but they have many different…   Read More →

Press Release IndicatorDevon IT ZeTOS Provides Advanced Zero Client Benefits With Superior Management and Flexibility Features

Devon IT Today Announced the ZeTOS™ Zero Client Operating System That Enables Fast, Efficient Deployments of New Zero Client Terminals. Administrators can tailor session types to the needs of their users without allowing users the ability to alter designated settings. This renders a faster deployment with less management required, reducing the amount of troubleshooting needed. “Terminals running ZeTOS are capable…   Read More →