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Press Release IndicatorDevon IT Launches Echo 4.3 Thin Client Management Software

Echo™ Thin Client Management Software

Echo 4.3 Includes New Security, Reporting and Management Capabilities for Administrating Thin Client Devices Devon IT, a leading provider of thin client software solutions, announced its latest release of the industry-leading Echo™ thin client management platform. Echo 4.3 is a powerful virtual desktop tool, developed exclusively by Devon IT that combines thin client management capabilities with connection control features. “With…   Read More →

Press Release IndicatorDevon IT Statement on Shellshock

Devon IT Aware of the Situation

We are aware of the Shellshock vulnerability issue and have researched the common attack surfaces that this can open. On our Echo management platform, we have established that while this CVE impacts every known version, it is only accessible if the attacker can gain remote SSH access to the virtual appliance as a superuser. A normal user will not be…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorUsing Thin Clients to Create a Secure and Manageable Virtual Desktop Platform


Technology Helps Enterprises Improve How We Conduct Business. IT departments are forced to discover unique platforms to centralize business and align all their initiatives within a more secure environment as an overall technology platform solution. Virtual Desktops allows for a more flexible IT infrastructure so businesses become more efficient, effective, secure, and manageable. It is a valuable technology platform that…   Read More →

Press Release IndicatorDevon IT Ceptor Ultra-Small HDMI Thin Client Being Used in a Wide Array of Applications and Environments

Ceptor by Devon IT

Devon IT’s Ceptor™ is rapidly gaining traction within early adopters at companies and organizations worldwide. The ultra-small Ceptor is in proof-of-concept testing in banks, schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants,  and field offices across North America, Europe and the Far East. Ceptor is one of the most unique and low cost thin client devices on the market. It is an ultra-compact multimedia-capable…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorThe Ceptor – How it is Different from Dell’s Project Ophelia

Introducing the Ceptor

The Ceptor is strictly an enterprise thin client device compared to other devices being released into the market such as Dell’s Project Ophelia. The Ceptor, designed as an enterprise $99 thin client that operates within an existing Citrix, RDP or VMware environment. Ceptor is a device that turns any HDMI display into a thin client. The Ceptor provides a cloud…   Read More →

Press Release IndicatorDevon IT Offers HP Thin Client Customers Easy Conversion and Full Manageability to New DeTOS Thin Clients

Devon IT, Inc., a leading thin client and virtual desktop solutions provider, today announced its award-winning DeTOS operating system and Echo thin client management platform are available for HP thin client conversion. Devon IT now enables any HP t610 or HP t410 thin client to utilize the award winning Devon Terminal Operating System (DeTOS) and manage all user devices with…   Read More →