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Press Release IndicatorLenovo Launches All New ThinkCentre M600 Thin Client with Devon IT Software


The New ThinkCentre® M600 is now available and comes embedded with LeTOS or WES operating system and fully managed by LTM Devon IT, Inc., a leading provider of thin client and virtual desktop software, today announced the newly released Lenovo® ThinkCentre® M600 thin client is available. The M600 thin client comes embedded with a choice of either LeTOS a Linux based…   Read More →

Press Release IndicatorDevon IT to Showcase New Thin Client Software at VMworld with Lenovo

Lenovo Thin Clients

Devon IT Will Showcase Lenovo’s Powerful New Thin Client Manager LTM 1.2.1 at VMworld 2015 Devon IT, a leading provider of thin client software solutions is proud to showcase Lenovo’s Thin Client Manager LTM 1.2.1 at this year’s VMworld 2015. This software offers many update features to help personalize and enhance the customer experience. With LTM 1.2.1, Administrators can expect…   Read More →

Press Release IndicatorDevon IT Launches LTM 1.2.1 Thin Client Management Software

LTM Thin Client Management Software

LTM 1.2.1 Includes New Security, Reporting and Management Capabilities for Administrating Lenovo ThinkCentre Thin Clients Devon IT, a leading provider of thin client software solutions, announced its latest release of Lenovo Thin Client Manager (LTM). LTM 1.2.1 is a powerful thin client management platform, developed exclusively for Lenovo ThinkCentre thin clients by Devon IT. “With this latest release of LTM…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorKey Differences Between Desktop Virtualization and Server Virtualization


With the popularity of desktop virtualization expanding, people have been confusing its functionality with server virtualization. While the two share some of the same features, they serve different functions. Desktop virtualization and server virtualization both enhance security, save costs (when used efficiently), and are centrally controlled.  Knowing the major differences between the two can help a company figure out which…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorThin Client Laptops Help Align Desktop Virtualization with BYOD


Desktop virtualization promises enhanced security for enterprises but with the increasing demand of mobility, a secure environment can be harder to reach. With the workplace evolving to become more mobile and virtual; mobility solutions for users in the enterprise is no longer an option but a requirement. IT is now obligated to look at solutions that fill the user gaps.…   Read More →

Blog Post IndicatorComparing Thin Client OS Options from a Cost Standpoint

Linux vs Windows OS for Thin Clients

Linux OS (LeTOS) vs. Windows OS (WES7)| Available on Lenovo Thin Clients Thin clients and thin client software is not a one size fits all scenario. Almost every customer and every use case will need different capabilities of the operating system. There are many variables in the total cost of ownership (TCO) for each thin client OS solution stack that…   Read More →