Powerful Intel Atom-Based TC 5 Thin Client from Devon IT Highlighted in Case Study

The Intel® Atom™ processor is powering a new generation of thin clients from Devon IT that delivers both the management and security efficiency of a centralized, server-based computing model as well as the performance needed to run many of today’s more advanced software applications, including some web-based, graphics-rich programs.

Devon IT recently launched the Intel Atom processor-based TC5 – a stateless, fanless thin client for customers needing improved performance in a small, energy-efficient footprint. It’s one of the first thin clients capable of supporting dual- independent displays and ushers in the next generation of server-based computing. Intel and Devon collaborated on a ground-breaking case study that articulates the benefits of the Atom processor on a thin client. Download the case study here:http://www.devonit.com/resources/casestudyform.php?id=5.

“The Intel Atom processor-based TC5 thin clients deliver performance that rivals recent generations of the desktop PC in a stateless device that occupies a small footprint,” explains Stephane Verdy, Chief Technology Officer at Devon IT. “And because the Devon IT TC5 has no fan and consumes less electricity than traditional desktop PCs, the overall total cost of ownership is significantly less. The Devon IT TC5 thin client terminals are ideal for businesses with older desktops looking for lower TCO through server-hosted environments as well as for businesses looking for more robust performance from their existing thin client infrastructure.”

The case study highlights how today’s software requires resources not typically found in thin clients; why the ultra-efficient Atom processor provides the optimal platform for thin computing with today’s rich media applications; how Devon achieved Dual DVI, a first in thin client computing; and why the TC5 is the best choice for these types of applications.

“Intel Atom processor-based thin clients deliver the kind of performance that opens up server-based computing to the healthcare, education and financial services industries – groups that tend to run more demanding applications on the client,” added Verdy.

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