Microsoft Gets Virtual

Microsoft announced its RemoteFX client and Devon IT is developing a Microsoft RemoteFX software client that will be integrated into its Devon Terminal System (DeTOS) and VDI Blaster products. What this means is that now with the RemoteFX client users will be to take advantage of rich media features such as 3D user interface, video, animations, and portable graphics stacks like Microsoft Silverlight and Flash, and a diverse array of client-side devices. Microsoft has now squarely put themselves in the rich media remote desktop space, clearly recognizing the need for this. Of course, companies need to be aware of this as they move forward with their hosted and virtual desktop initiatives and should “future proof” their purchases by ensuring ongoing compatibility with these evolving technologies. Customers who purchase a Devon IT thin client such as the TC5 today will be able to upgrade DeTOS and take advantage of Microsoft RemoteFX when it becomes available.

You can read the Microsoft announcement here.

The Microsoft Partner Page for RemoteFX is available here.

And a blog from Microsoft about RemoteFX by Max Hermann can be found here.

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