Managing Thin Clients and VDI Keeps Getting Better

Devon IT Just Announced our Latest Release of our Enterprise Class Thin Client Management Software.

Echo 4™ is a unique and powerful software product, developed exclusively by Devon IT that combines thin client management capabilities with connection control features. Echo 4™ joins all of the features and function of previous versions, along with user interface and scalability enhancements required by the world’s largest VDI deployments.

Some of the very best features of Echo™ have come from our specific interactions with our customers and with our partner Dell. With this latest release of Echo™ we have combined the feature, function, and scalability requirements for VDI implementations ranging from 100 desktops to global implementations in the hundreds of thousands.

All VDI and thin client devices that run DeTOS or Devon IT’s WES operating systems can be managed by Devon IT’s Echo™ thin client management software. This includes our TC2 and TC5, the Dell FX130 and FX170 OptiPlex thin clients as well as PCs repurposed with VDI Blaster™.

For more information about Devon IT Echo 4™ please visit our software page here and you can view a preview of Echo 4™ on the Devon IT Thin Client TV YouTube Channel here.

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