Great Dell article on consumerization of IT

There is alot of chatter these days about the “consumerization” of IT and many of the technical blogger and editors want to make this topic more complicated than it needs to be.  This in no way suggests that employees using their own devices at work is an easy project to tackle.  but at least we need to be on the same page when we are talking about this.

Here is the intro and the link to the Dell article:

When most people talk about the consumerization of enterprise IT, the real topic is products made for and purchased by consumers, who then bring those products into an enterprise IT environment. While that story is real, it can mask a larger story — that of the trends coming in from the consumer world. While these trends travel via products and technologies, they are larger than any particular product and could, with the introduction of new technology, influence the enterprise in unexpected ways.  Read More…

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