Google Buys Motorola – Another sign VDI is exploding

The Beginning of the VDI Explosion Happened Early on August 16, 2011.

This was the day the world woke up to Google buying one of the world’s most iconic companies.

Is Google getting into phone hardware?  I doubt it.  But, Google is signaling the dawn of a new era. Will Microsoft hold a dominant share of end point computing for the foreseeable future?  Absolutely.  However, Microsoft now knows it’s no longer the only big player.

Apple, Google and others are in the game  – big time.

What does this all mean?  Virtual desktop computing will explode.  It’s the only way an enterprise, a small to medium business, a school, or hospital will deliver and manager their end user desktops.

Desktops will be virtualized, windows will be screen scraped across a myriad of devices. Virtual portals will become desktop docking stations.

Who will be the winners?  My guess is Dell, possibly HP, and maybe Cisco because they are the total end-to-end solutions providers.

We’ll see, but it should be fun to watch. Let the games begin!

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