Goodbye Program Neighborhood

Citrix recently announced they are discontinuing support for Program Neighborhood. They set a target date halfway through 2010. I’m sure this date could slip. Is anyone still using Program Neighborhood?

I think everyone I know has switched to web interface or Program Neighborhood agent (a.k.a XenApp services). Anyone paying attention to Citrix has seen this coming for a long time. Program Neighborhood is now missing a lot of features. For instance you can’t do application streaming; it doesn’t support zone preference and fail over; also it’s very difficult to centrally configure your new applications.

I am curious if custom ICA sessions also go away. I will also miss the ability to connect to multiple farms of my choosing, and to have the ability to customize my various session settings.  I guess this might be a small price to pay for the centralized ease of management that web interface and XenApp service supports.

I kinda miss the old ICA client – but then I remember how difficult it was to manage.

My conclusion: Goodbye, Program Neighborhood, and good riddance

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