Easy Thin Client Deployment

PCs Can be a Pain, as Anyone Who Has Worked in IT Can Tell You

When deploying a PC in any kind of business environment, chances are there will need to be customizations to the operating system (OS). With group policies and management suites, the deployment of PCs has never been better, but it can still take hours before a single PC is up and running.

There must be an easier solution.

There is, and thin clients are that solution. With the combination of Devon IT thin client solutions and the Echo™ Thin Client Management software, administrators can perform a full roll out in the time it takes to deploy one PC. Once the initial configuration of Echo™ and an FTP have been completed, deploying new endpoints is a snap. For instance, let’s consider a roll out of 150 Wes 7 thin clients. You have a few customizations you want to make to the local OS, so you add a PDF reader and a few drivers that you need to one of your thin clients. Customization of the OS in this manner typically takes about 20 minutes. Next, you go into the Echo™ Management interface and clone your custom image to an FTP, which would take around 25 minutes or less. Finally, you create a default profile in Echo™ that includes this customized image (and any other settings you wish to include), which takes about 30 seconds.

Now you are ready for deployment! All you have to do is take your thin clients out of their boxes and plug them in. They will immediately detect Echo™, find that they have an out of date image, and update themselves automatically. The units will be up and running with their brand new image in about 20 minutes. You can have 150 units up and running almost as fast as you can un-box them. Imagine how much time you would have spent setting up 150 PCs with customized setups and you’ll begin to see how thin clients are an outstanding tool to reduce IT costs and increase efficiency, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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