Devon IT ZeTOS Provides Advanced Zero Client Benefits With Superior Management and Flexibility Features

Devon IT Today Announced the ZeTOS™ Zero Client Operating System That Enables Fast, Efficient Deployments of New Zero Client Terminals.

Administrators can tailor session types to the needs of their users without allowing users the ability to alter designated settings. This renders a faster deployment with less management required, reducing the amount of troubleshooting needed.

“Terminals running ZeTOS are capable of performing high demand tasks with the ability to operate RDP, ICA and View sessions. Zero clients offer greater operational efficiency, are easy to maintain, and data is secure.”

– Ian Geiser, CTO, Devon IT

With ZeTOS, zero client terminals run in a stateless condition. Users are unable to execute software or initiate remote sessions that the administrators have not authorized. A user enters their username and password and is immediately up and running in their remote session. Terminals running ZeTOS do not broadcast or auto-discover network protocols, eliminating the need for special firewall or routing rules. Since the terminals have no local persistent memory, there are no threats from viruses or malicious software.

Configuration is carried out entirely through an external DNS environment: management software such as the Devon IT Echo becomes optional, as connectivity is established passively through standard DNS records. While Echo can still be used by administrators to execute commands within the terminals being managed, once the DNS environment has been established the management process is essentially complete. As with a thin client, terminals running ZeTOS are easily managed centrally either through this DNS environment or through Echo should the system administrator so desire.

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