Devon IT VDI Blaster™ Software Gains Traction, Repurposes Existing PCs Into Thin Clients

Devon IT, Inc., a leading alternative desktop solution company, today announced significant early traction with the general availability of the VDI BlasterTM software suite designed to extend the useful life of desktop computers. VDI BlasterTM is currently available for an introductory price USD $19.95 per device at

Over 200 companies from around the world have purchased and downloaded the VDI Blaster  software suite, and  are utilizing the novel approach to extending the useful life of PCs by transforming them into thin clients to save money, save management time and cut  costs.

Users download VDI BlasterTM to old PCs via a USB key or a network install. VDI BlasterTM deploys Devon IT’s thin client operating system, Devon Terminal Operating System (DeTOSTM), and  Devon IT’s thin client management software, ThinManageTM, to help IT administrators manage enterprise-wide deployments from a central location. Once VDI BlasterTM is deployed, users can select to boot into their normal Windows operating system or into DeTOSTM.

“Using VDI Blaster to convert aging enterprise PCs into secure, managed thin clients enables organizations of all sizes to extend their capital investment in PCs while testing thin client computing models. Traditional desktops typically need to be refreshed or replaced every three or four years, but companies and organizations can now extend the life of these PCs by converting them into thin clients. Users can simultaneously test hosted client computing methods, and we hope VDI Blaster will continue the momentum of IT administrators moving from desktop PCs to hosted client environments.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

VDI Blaster:

  • Extends the useful life of aging PCs
  • Uses virtual desktops, simply and cost effectively with no hardware replacement necessary
  • Maintains Windows desktop experience
  • Centrally manages converted PCs
  • Allows Plug and play replacement of PC to a thin client when ready
  • Converts back to Windows operating system as needed

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