Devon IT Releases Version 1.1 of VDI Blaster Thin Client Software with VMware View 4 and PC-over-IP Support

Devon IT, Inc., a leading thin client hardware and software provider, today announced the release of version 1.1 of its VDI Blaster™ software that re-purposes PCs as thin clients.  Two proof-of-concept VDI Blaster licenses are available for $19.99 through February 25. Interested parties should email or visit

The VDI Blaster software suite was launched in August 2009 to help users repurpose PCs into thin clients, extending the useful life of PCs while testing virtual desktop environments. Version 1.1 now supports VMware View™ 4 and PC-over-IP® (PCoIP®) which gives users true PC experience, including with multimedia. The upgraded version 1.1 also includes the ability to boot VDI Blaster from a USB key or CD-ROM, in addition to network installation.

“VDI Blaster gives organizations the ability to transform portions of their IT infrastructures from PC environments to virtual desktops overnight. We’ve found that the ability to repurpose and reuse existing PC asseys has not only extended organizations’ capital investments, but also helped them realize the cost, security, and manageability benefits of switching to hosted clients. This new release of VDI Blaster expands this effort and gives IT teams and users the chance to experience the power of PCoIP with VMware View 4 and other applications, and the flexibility to boot in various forms. The software’s price point is also very appealing to customers.”

– Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

Once VDI Blaster is deployed, users can select to boot into Devon IT’s newest thin client operating system, Devon Terminal Operating System 7 (DeTOS™). Devon IT’s thin client management software is also downloadable for free to help IT administrators manage enterprise-wide deployments of thin clients and/or repurposed PCs from one central location.

Devon IT engineers are available for technical demonstrations of VDI Blasters and informational webinars for the media, and are available to comment on all topics relating to thin clients, alternative desktop solutions, desktop and server virtualization, and cloud computing. More information about the company’s hardware and software solutions are available at

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